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Our Story

In 2008, Mobile Home Purchasers was born.

The manufactured housing buyer and lenders had their own financial bubble like the site-built housing world. People were stuck in long term, high interest loans, and very few lenders were willing to loan money for a pre-owned manufactured home.

What we found was that many people had no idea where to start. What was their home worth? Is the value different in a park vs. land/home? Why is there a NADA? What is the market value? What does wholesale mean?

How can we put people first, help navigate these unknowns, and make a business of buying used homes work? We felt we had to put people first, had to be able to walk through all unknowns, and we needed to be able to pay cash to eliminate the financing hurdle. 

Our value above all else has been putting the person or family first. In other words, what are their needs, and what may be best for them as they look to sell their home?

Since 2008, we have purchased over 1,400 homes, and we have helped thousands more people gain knowledge to best navigate their specific situation. 

Perhaps we can help you?

Get to Know Us

Meet the Team

Travis Bussa
Buying Agent

Hi, I am Travis Bussa. I am a husband and a father of two kids!

I spent 10 years selling new and used manufactured homes, starting in the late 1990s. The aspect I liked most about this time in my career was getting to know the people and families in our surrounding areas that were looking for housing. Helping people find their first home or dream home was such a satisfying experience. I still hear from people I helped 20 years ago, and that shows me I did what was right for the families I worked with.

Travis Bussa

Chris Scott
Buying Agent

Hi, I'm Chris.

I grew up in Northwest Iowa and have lived in Sioux Falls, SD for a little over 20 years. I've had success in various sales consultant positions over the years. In 2012 I joined Mobile Home Purchasers, and I've been buying mobile homes for 8+ years now. I enjoy meeting private home sellers and helping them become empowered to move onto the next chapter in their lives. Finding a connection or common ground with the customer makes for a great experience for all parties. When I'm not purchasing mobile homes, you can find me on a golf course, weather permitting.